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    When we talk about the relationship between sports and classes, although many people think they are irrelative, in my point, playing sports can teach us lessons about life. We can learn something in the processes of playing sports instead of accepting the knowledge from the books. Because the incidents we experience or witness by ourselves must be impressive more than the issues we just heard.

    The most crucial reason to illustrate my view is that playing sports can teach us to preserve in attempting and striving. Whatever the obstacle was hard, persons who can face it and hold up to overpower it are players. As everyone known, Liu Xiang, one of the famous players in the world after the Olympic Game of 2004 because he won the champion unexpected, and become a controversial person because he quitted the competition when everyone had prepared to look forward to his display, nevertheless, has never given up his sports dream, professional career, and steadfast belief. Although because of Liu’s wound he cannot run faster than before, he still stock to practicing and tried his best to back to the track. It is called “the spirit of players”. Players must train so hard every day since they were kids that playing sports teaches them not to say giving up easily. If they did not work hard, they would never have an opportunity to stand in the world stage and do nothing but waste their youth. Thus, insisting to practice is the only way to achieve their dream.

    Another significant reason supporting my view is that playing sports teach us to cooperate. Getting well with person in a group is always the crucial way to achieve the goal. Kobe Bryant, the leader of Lakers which team got the champion of last NBA season, is one of the greatest basketball players who can be compared to J. However, at the first, when Kobe became the capital of the team, the Lakers did not do well even though Kobe got so many scores with remarkable ability but he neglect the power of a team. He always did everything by himself, and gave others less belief. From the failure of former races, Kobe realized that nobody could get a splendid achievement without others’ help especially working in a basketball team. So, he paid more attention to cooperate with his teammates: practicing with them, contributing more assisting, and giving others more opportunities to shoot to improve their skills and abilities. Consequently, even though Kobe did not get more scores that he got in the former plays, the whole team showed perfectly.

    In conclusion, players’ personal experience manifest that playing sports can not only teach us to persist in our minds and belief, but also teach us to cooperate with others. These things about our life cannot be learned from books, movies, or other mediums but playing sports.

    This week our group read the word famous novel called < A Tale of Two Cities >. We spend one week to reading this book. After reading "A tale of two cities" "A tale of two cities" is one of Dickens's most important representative works. The novel profoundly exposed the society contradiction before the French Revolution, intensely attacks the aristocratic social class is dissolute and cruel, and sincerely sympathizes with the depressed classes.

    The novel also described many magnificent scenes like the revolt people attacked Bastille and so on, which displayed people's great strength.The novel has portrayed many different people. Doctor Manette is honest and kind but suffers the persecution actually , Lucie is beautiful and gentle ,Charles is graceful and noble,Lorry is upright and honest ,Sydney is semblance of indifferent, innermost feelings of warm, unconventional but also selfless and lofty,Miss Pross is straightforward and loyal,Everyone brothers are cruel and sinister...

    The complex hatred is hard to solve, the cruel revenge has made more hatreds, loves rebirth in the hell edge, but take the life as the price. As an outstanding writer, in Dickens's work, the language skill is essential. Each kind of rhetoric technique, like the analogy, the exaggeration, the contrast, the humorous, and the taunt are handled skillfully, and the artistry of the work is also delivered the peak.

    "A tale of two cities" has its difference with the general historical novel, its character and the main plot are all fictionalizes. With the broad real background of the French Revolution, the author take the fictional character Doctor Manette's experience as the main clue, interweaves the unjust charge, upholstery and so many techniques, causes the structure integrity and strictness, the plot winding anxious and rich of theatrical nature, it displayed the remarkable artistic skill. the style "A tale of two cities" is solemnity and melancholy, fills indignation, but lacks the humor of the early works.

    These week we read the book, the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which is one of the most famous novel of adventaure by Mark Twain. Here comes the details and our own feelings.

    Huck is a poor boy who has nothing but a drunk father. The unexpected money found in the carven gives a new life to him. Meanwhile, the widow Douglas takes him in and takes good care of him even though he has difficulty in adapting to the new lifestyle. Unfortunately, Huck's father named Pap returns in order to take his money away. What Huck can do is to let the judge keep these sums of money for him. Acting on a great anger, Pap forces Huck to a log cabin in the woods. However, Huck escapes successfully by pretending to be killed by someone else. It is when Huck's adventure begins.
    At first, Huck comes across a escaped slave called Jim in a deserted island. During the adventure, Huck meets the help from a strange woman to get some information and witnesses a murdery on a steamboat. Then two men who claim that they are the king and the duke get into the flat life of Huck and Jim. But the fact is that they are frauds at all who act as royal nonesuch to hold shows to beguile people in the town. Then the two men beguile the rich girls into giving them sums of money as imposter. In the end, the shameful scheme has been revealed by Huck.

    Above all, Jim is missing. What needs to be done badly is to relief Jim who is caught by someone in the town. But Huck's partner named Tom is a boy longs for excitement makes a simple escape a rough task. As we can imagine, it's a tragic consequence that Jim is caught and Tom is hurt on leg. However, Tom's confession makes Jim a free man forever. The adventure of Huck has a happy end, but Huck's life fills with adventure continues.......

    All in all, it is such an amazing adventure that we even feel that we are all in it with Huck! The brave and the kindness of Huck and Jim really touched us, we can do feel their feelings. We know that everyone is long for the freedom, and always try their best to search for them. So we know where we are!

    The Three Musketeers

    The Three Musketeers is a marvelous journey and should be appreciated foremost for its engaging story. The famous novel talk about Four young musketeers helped the empress of France to get the necklace. The empress gives the necklace to Buckingham as a present. Now the king asks the empress to wear the necklace on the evening party. So Dartagnan and his friends went to Britain and met Buckingham. Buckingham gave the necklace to them and protected them on the way to France. Finally, Dartagnan and his friends received the present from Buckingham and empress.

    As we saw in the closing portions of the book, Dumas gives us a fully developed Romance within his historical framework. He starts with levity and confidence, and ends with moroseness and doubt. The ending, indeed, seems to question many of the books dearly held